M3's Coaching Support

Great coaches will educate, entertain and motivate athletes to simply be better. M3 has a roster of elite and highly experienced baseball, softball, and strength & conditioning coaches available to both athletes and teams using the facility. Coaches can be booked by the hour for instruction whether to a single athlete or an entire team.

1. Baseball & Softball Coaching

  • Effective warm-ups
  • Practice management - we can run orgainzed drills with large & small groups to maximize time management and athletic practice
  • Train the trainers - we can support your coaches on running an effective practice & give feedback for coach development
  • Skills & drills - our coaches are professionals of movement and mechanics. They can fine tune all elements of hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and more.

Spend an hour with one of them - you will see the value!

2. Strength, Conditioning & Mobility Training

M3's conditioning coaches are highly skilled and experienced in athetic progression for all ages from youth to aging adults. Their programs use a formula of Constantly Varied Functional Movement with High Intensity. This means they incorporate diffierent exercises, groups of exercises and stimulis with each session. They focus on perfecting safe and accurate movement patterns that are "natural" meaning how a person moves instinctively and in real life. And once the athletes prove they have the mechanics and technique of the movements, the coaches will layer in intensity to get heartrates up.

Programs will consist of a combination of the following elements:

  • Neurological fitness: balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy
  • Physical fitness: strength, flexibility, endutance, and stamina

These coaches can work with your athlete or teams to help run the conditioning portion of your session, or they can provide you a written program for your coaches to execute. They can train with your athlete or team on site at M3, or for more intense training at our partner location Reebok CrossFit FirePower, a world-renowned fitness and training facility located in Milton, Ontario, just down the street from M3.

M3 on-site coaching is booked according to coach's availability and your team's schedule.  Custom program development begins at $199. Please contact us at info@m3baseballacademy.com for details and to book with a coach.